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My Graphics (Personal Use Only)

Any graphics here are old ones made years back, you may use only for personal non-commercial use only. So do not be claiming them as your own. If your not sure on what copyright is, and what copyright theft is, there are many useful sites on net that explain it too you. Putting it quick and simple, do not claim them as your own, do not sell them, do not sell what you create using my graphics as they are strictly personal non-commercial use only. Do not share them on 3rd party sites.

If you have a blog or website etc a link back be required so I know where my graphics are being used. Of course always love to see what is created using them. Post a comment if you snag anything thanks.

 photo b0fb48dd.png  photo 93d21050.png  photo 17a73ac7.png  photo 71b20377.png  photo c975c2ef.png  photo 7a26048f.png  photo 115ad182.png  photo 94e5c045.png photo e65bd87e.png photo de90574c.png photo dd1ec719.png photo 8a310820.png photo 423c09cf.png photo 458763e7.png photo 202f4e3e.png photo 4fa949a0.png photo 1-3.png photo 10-21.png photo 7-32.png photo 12-1.png photo 69a31d2e.png photo 0a7e4688.png photo 350e928c.png photo 92137ee3.png photo 83a255f4.png photo fd67ccb6.png photo 302c7479.png photo 56b9e877.png photo 00007.png photo 00008.png photo 1-24.png photo 10-10.png photo 2-22.png photo 7-14.png photo 6-16.png

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